May 01 2013

Grandchildren will give life to their grandfather’s dream

The plantation ceremony organized by the Oztekin family in Kazan was attended by hundreds of children. Yakup Öztekin’s grandson realized the dream of his grandfather.

An interesting planting ceremony was held in Soğulcak Village of Kazan. Öztekin family organized a planting ceremony for many bureaucrats. The grandchildren of the deceased Yakup Öztekin brought together the seedlings with the soil to realize their grandfather’s dream. The event was organized with the support of Sevgieli Youth and Scouting Club, Regional Directorate of Forestry and the Öztekin family. Çinner Deputy Hüseyin Filiz, Kazan Governor Veysel Beyru, Afforestation Branch Director Selçuk Demirbağ, Scouting Club Members, Children in Love Houses affiliated to the Ministry of Family Social Policies and Children in Vocational Education 450 children and Öztekin family formed.


İzcilik Kulübü Genel Koordinatörü Gökhan İğdir, Yakup Öztekin sosyal sorumluluklarını yerine getiren bir kişi olduğunu anımsatarak, “He had helped both the scouting club and the children who had to work on the streets, the orphanage. We learned from Öztekin’s family that he has such a dream. We wanted to do it” quoth.

Yakup Öztekin’s son Tolga Öztekin said, “Yakup Öztekin Memorial Forest was my father’s biggest dream. My father wanted to realize this year’s commemorative forest. He lost his life because of a heart attack he had suffered in the last year.


Yakup Öztekin’s grandson, 2-year-old Hayat Öztekin, with his mother and father in the name of his grandfather to put a tree on the branch of the tree and put the name of the grandfather. The Governor of Kazan Veysel Beyru thanked Öztekin family, Regional Directorate of Forestry and Sevgi eli Scouting Club for this work.